How Can an Institution Affiliate with the CTE?

The CTE welcomes interested institutions as Affiliates who have demonstrated alignment with our community through the following:

  1. At least one educational initiative that is driven by or meaningfully involves faculty, intended (when fully implemented) to improve the wellbeing and career engagement of all their graduates long after they complete their degree, as described in the CTE vision and mission statement.
  2. A plan to assess the effectiveness of the initiative and how that assessment is aligned with the CTE’s focus on the following factors identified in the Gallup Purdue study of college alumni: (a) emotionally supportive mentoring, and/or (b) experiential learning that connects curriculum to authentic real world applications or problems.
  3. An interest in being an active participant in a learning community committed to extending the promise of life-transformative education as broadly as possible across higher education. Opportunities for participation include the CTE National Conference and other activities. These opportunities provide forums for the sharing of ideas, effective practices, measurable results, and programmatic successes and failures with other members and affiliates of the CTE so that similar initiatives can be replicated or adapted on other campuses.

How Can an Institution Become a Member of the CTE?

If the President or Provost of an Affiliate Institution publicly expresses endorsement of the CTE vision and mission statement and is willing to take an active part in shaping the direction and future of the CTE movement, through participation in CTE Leaders meetings, participation in the CTE Annual Conference, and encouragement of faculty engagement with CTE initiatives, the CTE will welcome the institution as a Member 

Academic institutions that are Members of the CTE will have their logo added to the CTE website, and their academic leaders invited to participate in CTE Leadership meetings.

For more complete information about applying to be an Affiliate or a Member, please see the following PDF.