March 13 and 14, 2023

Conference Videos

Day 1

Day 1—Opening Remarks

Day 1—9:00am

Keynote “Design Your Life – Sixteen years prototyping meaning and purpose in higher education” by Bill Burnett, Executive Director of the Life Design Lab, Stanford University

Day 1—10:15am

“Empowering Students to Thrive in a Changing World: Life Design at Bowling Green State University” by President Rodney K. Rogers and Adrienne Ausdenmoore, Executive Director of the Geoffrey H. Radbill Center for College and Life Design

Day 1—10:45am

Session by Jonathan Adler, Professor of Psychology, Olin College of Engineering on “Storytelling: The Human Tool for Meaning, Purpose, and Identity”

Day 1—11:15am

Session by Maureen Linker, Professor of Philosophy, University of Michigan-Dearborn on “More Than A Single Story: UM-Dearborn Speaks”

Day 1—12:00pm

An update on the new CTE “Learning WELL” initiative by Marjorie Malpiede, Executive Director of the Mary Christie Institute.

Day 1—1:00pm

Keynote: “What does well-being actually look like?: Lessons Learned from the Harvard Study of Adult Development” by Robert Waldinger, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development

Day 1—2:00pm

Session by Michael Bradford, and Dean for Undergraduate Education, University of California, Davis, Sarah Croucher, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Connecticut and Jennifer Lease Butts, Associate Vice Provost, Enrichment Programs and Director, Honors Program, University of Connecticut on “Designing Purpose through LTE at the University of Connecticut”

Day 1—2:30pm

“Research Learning Experiences Across Four Years and Seven Universities: The Maine Difference.” by John Volin, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at the University of Maine

Day 1—3:15pm

Panel Session on higher education’s role on the mental health of recent graduates based on a new survey showing high rates of mental distress and “burnout”  among young professionals.  Moderated by Marjorie Malpiede, Executive Director of the Mary Christie Institute and featuring Clayton Spencer, President of Bates College, Stephanie Marken, Partner at Gallup, and Lynn Pasquerella, President of the AAC&U.

Day 1—4:15pm

Session by Stephanie Marken, Partner at Gallup and Zachary Hrynowski, Gallup Research Consultant on “Gallup’s Work on Wellbeing in Higher Education”

Day 1—5:15pm

Summary and Preparation for Day 2 by Archie Holmes, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the University of Texas System

Day 1—6:30pm

Dinner for all conference attendees with remarks entitled “Student Well Being and Mental Health: A Public Health Agenda for Higher Education” by Nancy Gonzales, Executive Vice President and University Provost.

Day 2

Day 2—8:30am

Workshop “Life Launch: A small group program to clarify life goals and make new personal connections” byRobert Waldinger, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development

Day 2—9:30am

Liberal Education and Everything Everywhere All at Once” by Lynn Pasquerella, President of the AAC&U

Day 2—10:15 am

“Work+ : Student Employment as a Transformative Working and Learning Experience” by Brandee Popaden-Smith, Director of Work plus Learn, Scott Travis, Program Director of Work+, and Amy Michalenko, Senior Program Manager, University College

Day 2—11:15am

“The Road Ahead for the CTE” moderated by Richard K. Miller, President emeritus of Olin College of Engineering


Day 2—11:45am

Conference Summary, Richard K. Miller, President emeritus of Olin College of Engineering